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Calculators are for informational purposes only. 
  • Estimate monthly mortgage payments for any size loan with this handy calculator. Change interest rates, length of loan, even add prepayments if you desire. This calculator also allows you to view or print an amortization schedule of the results.
  • How much house can you afford? Find out quickly by running this calculator, which determines the maximum loan you can expect to qualify for, based upon your income and expenses.
  • Calculate the lowest level of income needed to secure a particular home loan. This calculator takes into account a number of options, so you can compare the effects of different loan types on an average mortgage.
  • Many mortgages allow you to prepay your principal. Run your numbers through this calculator to find out how quickly prepayments can reduce your principal. A few extra dollars a month can substantially reduce the total length of your mortgage term.
  • Use this calculator to decide whether or not this is a good time to refinance your loan.
  • Use this calculator to compare the cost of improving your existing home with the cost of buying a new home.
  • If you are currently renting, use this calculator as a tool to see if now is a good time for you to purchase a home.